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Welcome to Claidmhor Pharma

Claidmhor Pharma offers comprehensive consulting and technical support to clients in pharma and biotechnology, from virtual start-ups to mega-pharma.

Claidmhor Pharma consultants and associates bring more than 100 years' experience with biotechnology and pharma companies, of all sizes, acting globally, and at all stages from idea, through rapid proof of concept, registration, industrialisation and technical support in routine manufacture.

Pharma and biotechnology

Complex products, including medical devices and delivery systems, for respiratory or other difficult administration routes, are core areas of Claidmhor’s experience, as are the creation and industrialisation of the novel equipment and processes required to supply such novel products.

Biotech products, from recombinant or natural proteins like botulinum toxins are also at the heart of our experience.

Specialised business support

We work as an integral part of your team and can provide specialised expertise to support your business, or targeted recruitment, coaching and team development services to create a new capability within your own company. Short term interim management is also a key area where we can provide support.

Many clients require an objective review of their program with a “fresh pair of eyes” drawn from our experienced and broadly based experts.

Please call us in Cheshire, UK on: 01270 759 459

Whether your program needs technical expertise, project management, overall strategic input or key stakeholder management support, we have the tools and experience to help.

  • Offering hands-on involvement in addressing your requirements

  • Real world experience in your industry and area of need

  • Solutions that improve processes and enhance operations

  • A friendly and flexible approach to your needs


You will find that we bring a keen      understanding, fresh perspectives and strategic abilities to the table.

Why choose Claidmhor Pharma Ltd.?

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